Meet Emily Wilde Coe, the artist behind Wilde Art Co.  Emily started drawing at a young age and knew very early that she wanted to be an artist/architect.  During her time in college (War Eagle!), while studying for her architecture degree and being a member of the cross country and track & field teams, Emily focused any free time she could on art and drawing classes.  Emily is now a licensed architect and works for an architecture firm in Birmingham, Alabama.  And, while she doesn't run as much as she used to, she still loves to spend her time drawing and creating.

A few of Emily's favorite things to sketch are portraits of children and babies, and, of course, architecture!  When she is not drawing, she is writing.  Emily loves calligraphy and how it provides the ability to bring beauty to words on a simple piece of paper.

When it's all said and done, family comes first.   Thankful for a sweet and loving hubby, Matt and our two adorable kiddos, Adelaide and baby Oliver.